#DickheadDetox: When did John Lennon become a feminist?

Because I’m really, really struggling to understand how John Lennon, a man with a history of domestic violence against both his ex-wife and his son, constitutes a feminist. Actually, I’m a little perplexed about some of the other “feminist” men Marlo Thomas has included in her Huffington Post article, but, seriously, are there so few male feminist allies out there that we have to include a violent man? Is Thomas genuinely including Lennon for noticing that women constitute 50% of the population of the planet?

Because, I have to say, it doesn’t really take a whole lot of intelligence to notice that women make up 50% of the population of the planet.

And, personally, my criteria for male feminist allies is pretty basic: don’t commit violence against women and I will include you as an ally.

To be fair, though, I don’t think the feminist movement needs men to be successful. After all, the true feminist allies don’t need articles in the Huffington Post lauding them for noticing that half of the population in possession of a vagina. Those men who are true feminist allies are the ones who already listening, reading and asking good questions. We don’t need to pander to them to get them involved because they are already here.

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  1. Good points! There are also stories of him abusing Yoko and Julian. That is no feminist in my book. I see some contemporary male feminists such as Wil Wheaton, as being much better qualified for this title.

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