#DickheadDetox:Edward Furlong is Back in Prison

Edward Furlong was jailed on Friday. The Daily Mail is reporting that his arrest follows a violation of his probation following his breach of a restraining order taken out by his ex-wife in 2010.  EOnline and TMZ both claim he was jailed for breaching his probation after breaching a protection order taken out by his ex-girlfriend who was arrested for assaulting in October 2012 and January of this year.

Furlong will remain in jail until a review of his probation violation on March 4.

Whatever the precise reason for revoking Furlong’s probation, why was it not revoked following the assault in October against his now ex-girlfriend? Surely, physically assaulting another woman constitutes a violation of probation? Why was a man with a clear history of domestic violence and substance abuse not locked up immediately after violating his probation?

And, how many restraining orders need to be taken out on one man by different woman before he ends up in prison?

Story reported here in Digital Spy, LAist, and and Perez Hilton.

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