Frank Maloney is a perpetrator of domestic violence

Frank Maloney attempted to strangle his then wife Tracey. Maloney also claims to have engaged in emotionally abusive behaviour.

According to the Daily Mail, and Maloney, this isn’t really a big deal because Maloney has since had a gender reassignment surgery and is now known as Kellie.

Maloney has admitted to committing domestic violence but we’re supposed to feel sympathy as it was a:

“toxic combination of pent-up frustration, anguish over her gender identity and booze had caused Kellie to lunge at 48-year-old Tracey.”

Because those sound nothing like the normal excuses used to minimise responsibility for domestic violence. Anger, alcohol, and mental illness do not cause domestic violence. Men, and domestic violence is nearly always perpetrated by a man, make a choice to engage in emotional and physical abuse.

Maloney is a perpetrator. I don’t care if he’s since undergone gender reassignment surgery. That doesn’t negate his choice to behave abusively.

Maloney made a choice. He should be held legally accountable for those choices; not fawned over by the mainstream media eager to minimise yet another example of domestic violence perpetrated by a celebrity.

7 thoughts on “Frank Maloney is a perpetrator of domestic violence”

  1. Why am I seeing a woman going through years of abuse, finally lashing out at the perp, transitioning to a man, and … not meeting with fawning “understanding”?

  2. All this is terrible, but I don’t think that justifies your decision to misgender Kellie. Other women who have committed violent acts don’t get misgendered. If they have changed their name (eg after marriage), they still get referred to by the name they chose.

    1. Two women a week die at the hands of male partners/Ex partners,. I have suffered violence from a male relative on several occasions. Name the problem- male violece

  3. Vanilla Rose,
    Frank Maloney is trying to claim that his sex change absolves him of the violence he committed. Now, if he wasn’t Kellie when he was Frank, he would have no reason to claim dysphoria and stress, yet he is saying he is literally a different person to the point where “Kellie” did not commit any crime. So was he Kellie then or wasn’t he? This is also what Bruce Jenner and serial killer “Donna” Perry are claiming.
    These are not confused, misunderstood victims of masculinity, these are MEN exploiting sympathy for trans people to avoid justice for their victims, all women.
    To go along with the fiction that men can “be” or “become” women in any way out of a desire to spare the feelings of the wider trans community is to make it impossible to publicly acknowledge or address the harm these men did to their victims, to women, and to the trans community itself.
    Respect for people’s honest sensitivity to pronouns should never be more important than the right and the language to name MALE violence and MALE privilege for what it is.

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