Fuck you Jezebel

So, Jezebel weighs in on the discussions around Lena Dunham’s troubling passages in her autobiography by insinuating Women of Colour are just being a tad hysterical about the whole thing and the follows it up with this charming paragraph:

It is fundamentally difficult for people—parents, researchers, peers—to identify the fuzzy and necessarily, inherently self-defined line between normative childhood behavior and potential sexual abuse. Women, and people who have worked with victims of sexual abuse or been victims themselves, are (quite understandably) more likely to describe a behavior as abusive that other people would describe as normal, unremarkable, fine.

Us survivors of child sexual abuse are just too damn emotional to be able to do things like read books and come to conclusions. It’s understandable that people working with vulnerable children are more likely to describe a behaviour as abusive: not that they are more likely to recognise the signs of child abuse than someone who isn’t.

The sneering tone of the article makes it clear that any challenge to the construction of Dunham The Quirky Wondergirl is women over-reacting. Nothing more. Nothing less.

One thought on “Fuck you Jezebel”

  1. Aside from being horrible, I really doubt that is true.

    My experience is of the non-sexual side of things, but I know perfectly well I am *less* likely to define something as physically abusive. It is classic cognitive dissonance: I know that such-and-such happened, and I acknowledge that physical abuse occurred, but I don’t match the two things up.

    I have found others to say the same sorts of thing – for example, that they knew slamming a child’s head into the wall was physical abuse, but they thought smacking a teenager might be normal parenting, because it was *relatively* normal.

    I would be very surprised if the same were not true of sexual abuse.

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