Girls In Science: How to Patronise and Offend in 45 Seconds.

This is an EU Initiative to encourage girls into science. Its’ a video involving 18 year old models in skintight clothing, wearing ridiculous shoes, crawling about on their bellies for a tube of lipstick. Because nothing says science more than sexualising a bunch of teenagers and making them look desperate for lipstick: the one thing guaranteed to bring them wealth, success and happiness.

It’s just all kinds of awful. It’s the kind of campaign one would expect from 14 year old boys who have never had a date. Or, a stupid misogynist who actively hates women and doesn’t think women can be scientists. Because there is no excuse for this level of misogyny to be made by an organisation who are charged with breaking gendered stereotypes. All this does is reinforce the same patriarchal bullshit which assumes that women are nothing unless they are fuckable; even if they are geniuses like Rosalind Franklin [DNA and who was not awarded the Nobel Prize because she passed away several months before the ceremony], Marie Curie [the first person – and not just one with a vagina – to be awarded two Nobel prizes in chemistry and physics] or, you know, every freaking woman on the planet [and in space] currently working with the field of science in physics, chemistry, archaeology, paleo-bottany, AIDS research and on and on and on and on and so forth.

I do like the inclusion of the fuck me heels: you know the ones which cause exactly the same damage to women’s feet as the [now banned] practise of Chinese footbinding. An activity roundly condemned for its misogyny and the actual physical, debilitating harm it caused women. But, now, roundly hailed as a sign of a really fuckable woman in “Western culture”. Because nothing says “fuck me” like deliberately physically destroying one’s body for the pleasure of someone else.

I could complain all day about the minutiae of this video but, instead, I think everyone needs to watch the Unofficial Response To EU Misogyny: Because It’s Brilliant.

Also, this video is so clearly an example of cultural femicide. So much so, that I expect the Girl Guides will be writing snotty letters to the EU next week.

Have to add this because it’s genius: This is what a Scientist Looks Like

Hilariously, the original video link has been removed from Youtube. I’m guessing because of all the negative comments underneath so this is a new link.

5 thoughts on “Girls In Science: How to Patronise and Offend in 45 Seconds.”

  1. Fantastic response! As a biologist, this video infuriates me beyond words. I worry about the damage it will do.

  2. Thanks:) I just can’t believe that this was produced and that NO ONE involved could see how damaging it is for young girls. It’s gob-smackingly horrifying.

  3. This is brilliant too, and I think you should send it to their website. And oh, I’d like to know, what ad firm did this and what did they charge EU for this porny vid? They must have presented it to a committee, for feedback, and the EU people ok’d it. Heads should roll.


  4. I haven’t looked up the advertising company but I’m planning on ccing them a copy of the snotty letter I’m going to write to the European Commission. Advertisers need to know that they are actively putting women off their products with this kind of shite. Just look at how successful the women of Mumsnet were in taking down the Outdoor Advertising Agency’s utterly stupid “Do working women make bad mothers.” advertising of their new website. It was about 10 days and hundreds of letters to the companies which used the OAA.

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