How to Tell If You Should Be Allowed To Run About the Planet With Weaponry

If you think two women breastfeeding their babies whilst in military uniform is “disrespectful”, then you are, frankly, too stupid and ignorant to be let loose on the planet with weaponary. In fact, if you think there is a problem with this picture, then you probably shouldn’t be having sex with anyone. Just in case. Or allowed access to any form of social media. Or vote. Or run for public office. Or be in the military. And, yeah, if you can’t take your commanding officer seriously after seeing her breastfeed a baby, then you have no business being in the military because you clearly aren’t competent to be a soldier. I’m fairly sure you aren’t competent to be a human being.

Here’s a brilliant blogpost on the issue complete with a number of supremely stupid comments by people with their heads permanently rammed up their backsides. There is nothing like watching an MRA smack-down to get the blood pressure going in the morning.

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