Jennifer Lawrence is a victim of sexual violence.

Jennifer Lawrence is a victim of sexual violence – so is every single person who has had a photograph or video of them naked or engaged in sex. This runs the gamut from Vanessa Hudgens, Prince Harry, and every single teenage girl who has had images of them passed about the internet.

This isn’t a subject open to debate or which has ‘nuances’: sharing these images is sexual assault. Viewing these images is sexual assault. As I’ve said many times before, publishing these types of images is sexual assault.

There have been some incredibly important blogs written on this “leak of images” today, all of which make it very clear that accessing images you are not given permission to see is, at the very least, immoral – and a crime if the images are used to humiliate, denigrate or abuse. Sharing, distributing or viewing images involving nudity or sex are a crime of sexual violence.

If you are looking at these images or sharing them, you are committing sexual assault. You are perpetrating rape culture. YOU are the problem – not the women in the photos.

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7 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence is a victim of sexual violence.”

  1. I’ll be honest. As much as I find the theft, publication, and viewing of these images a completely repugnant act, I don’t know if I agree w/it being ‘sexual violence’. My concern is that by using that particular term, it dillutes it for those who have been raped, molested, who have had physical violations.

    No, I don’t have the ‘right’ term for it, or I’d suggest one. But, I think there needs to be an acknowledged difference btwn stolen images, and actual physical assault.

    1. Stolen images are a form of sexual violence. Just because you don’t think it isn’t the same doesn’t mean that victims don’t feel the same level of violation.

      1. I sincerely doubt that a rape victim would agree w/you. Actually, as *one* survivor of rape, no, no I don’t.

        I agree her privacy has been violated. But to equate it to physical rape is to insult those who’ve survived that experience.

        Ms.Lawrence doesn’t have to go for STI testing. She won’t run the risk of PTSD. She won’t wake up from nightmares of someone forcing themselves inside her body.

        Stolen pictures, while a violation, are *not* equal to having your body violated.

        1. As a survivor, I do believe this constitutes sexual violence and that telling other women how they “must” feel is reprehensible. Women have the right to feel violated by the stealing and sharing of these images.

  2. As a rape victim the emotional/physical scars I survived and still endure…I told my husband I would have gladly posed nude on the internet to not have what happened yo me happen. So for Jennifer Lawrence to equate what happened to her as a sex crime. I find to be insulting.

    1. Not that I would have posed nude. I think that the drama of throwing around terms like sex crimesnis inflammatory. It is inciting a emotional response. However the response you are getting is one from actual victims!

      1. I’m a victim too and I do believe this is sexual violence. I didn’t say it was the same as rape. I said it was part of the spectrum of sexual violence. We also don’t know if the women who have had their images released have been victims of rape. All of this must stop.

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