Josh Homme’s wife plays music.

The New Statesman is running an article today on the wife Josh Homme, he of Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal. It is very important that you know that Josh Homme has a wife who plays music, especially in an article about Her.

I mean, married to Josh Homme!

It’s not like she even needs a name: we can refer to Her forever as that “punk singer married to Josh Homme”! And, we can even make sure an article about Her references Homme’s music repeatedly. Because, Homme is way more important than Her.

For the record, Her name is Brody Dalle and she is a brilliant fucking musician.

2 thoughts on “Josh Homme’s wife plays music.”

  1. Yeah, I found it quite disgusting that Homme is mentioned in practically every paragraph and his bands named, but not a single mention of the Distillers, who were successful in their own right. Women’s contribution to music and musicianship *always* gets erased. I speak from experience.

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