Another week, Another Family Annihilator.

Another man murders his children but it’s okay because he was upset about being separated from his mother. 

A five year old girl and a ten year old boy were killed by their father. That is the story. 

A father murdered his own children. A father slit the throats of the two people he was supposed to love and care for above all else. 

A father killed the two people he should have protected from violence. 

Currently, the identities of the father and the two children he brutally killed are not being released but we do that the man was British. We know that he separated from his wife three years ago. We know the relationship ended due to domestic violence. We know that he only had supervised contact with his children until this weekend. We know that the very first time this father had his children unsupervised, he murdered them. 

This is yet another example of a family annihilator punishing his ex-partner by murdering their children. Like Ceri Fuller, Gavin Hall, Mohammed Riaz, and Michael Pederson, this case is just another example of a family annihilator. It is another familiar tale of male violence.  

Yet, the media already seeks to excuse his violence by claiming he was “upset” about being separated from their mother. Neighbours are claiming he “drank too much”, whether or not that is true remains to be seen but we do know he brutally murdered his children. 

There are no excuses for killing children. Divorce is not an excuse. An affair is not an excuse.

Men who kill their children do so because they choose to; because they believe they own their children. Make no mistake, this is a male crime. Karen Ingala Smith has analysed the children murdered in 2012 in the UK. Her research clearly points to this being a case of male violence, but we already knew that. 

We know this is a story of male violence. We just don’t want to talk about it. Instead, we make excuses for these men. We blame their ex-partners for ending the relationship. We blame the economy for these men losing their jobs. We blame everyone but the men who choose to murder their children.

As long we continue pretending that this is not about male violence, more children and women will continue to die at the hands of violent men. We can talk about a “crisis in masculinity” because men are upset about not being “breadwinners” and call for a return to an ahistorical concept of capitalism which has existed for less than 150 years in industrialised nations but we can’t discuss male violence.

Instead, we blame women for the actions of men. 

Two children were brutally murdered by their father. That is the story. 

Their mother deserves to grieve in peace without the media blaming her for having the temerity to end her relationship with the father of her children.

Ceri Fuller: Just Another Family Annihilator

Ceri Fuller is just another family annihilator

Ceri Fuller murdered his children.

Ceri Fuller murder Samuel, Rebecca and Charlotte. 

Ceri Fuller murdered his children because he was a violent, abusive man. 

This is the only reason Ceri Fuller murdered his children.

Contrary to the Guardian’s foray into misogynistic victim-blaming, Ruth Fuller is not responsible for the murder of her children.

Samuel, Rebecca and Charlotte were murdered by their father because a violent, abusive man.

Samuel was killed by one knife wound to his neck. Rebecca and Charlotte were stabbed repeatedly.

Samuel, Rebecca and Charlotte were murdered by the one man who was supposed to love and protect them.

Samuel, Rebecca and Charlotte died violently and afraid.

They died because their father wanted to punish their mother.

Samuel, Rebecca and Charlotte were murdered by a violent, abusive man.

There is no excuse for his crimes. 

Children are not possessions and we endanger millions of children everyday by perpetuating this lie. It excuses male violence. 

We need to stop making excuses for violent men.

We need to start protecting our children from violent men.

Samuel, Rebecca and Charlotte deserve better than this.