The “Die in a Fire” Meme: Making this Positive Feminist Activism

This week I received more of these “die in a fire” tweets. Normally I ignore these types of abusive messages insofar as I have no interest in acknowledging abusive trolls. However, as these trolls are well aware, my sister recently suffered a catastrophic house fire. The fire marshall has made it clear that if my nieces and nephews were in their rooms, they would have died. Many other women have similar stories of losing family and friends in a fire. This is without acknowledging the history of burning women as punishment: from the witch hunts to suttee to the murder of women and children by violent men.

The “die in a fire” meme is misogyny.

It is used to silence women, control and punish women.

Any woman using this phrase or suggesting that it’s excusable is not a feminist. They are abusers.

Rather than wasting time trying to explain why “die in a fire” is misogyny to abusers, let’s turn this into a positive piece of feminist activism and donate to Women’s Aid, Scottish Women’s Aid and Welsh Women’s Aid in the names of women who have been brutally assaulted and murdered through the use of fire.

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