The Murder Statistics of Transgender People: Sources


Whilst engaged in research to respond to a comment on this blog, I was sent the following sources. I don’t know how to link photos in the comments so I’ve published them as a blog post instead.

This map is from Transgender Respect vs Transphobia Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 16.12.36

This breakdown of the statistics in the UK was first published on Mumsnet:

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 16.15.44

(I would suggest the statistics in the US are different due to racism and consequences of poverty and a complete lack of health care forcing vulnerable people in prostitution, which increases the risk of violence, rape and murder. Because men.)

This was on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 16.16.42


This from Parker Molloy on the 1 in 12 stat is worth reading. I would suggest reading Kay Brown on why she came up with the 1 in 12 statistic and why it’s wrong to continue using it. I also recommend this article “The Murder Statistics of Transgender People”.


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  1. This study of violence against trans people in the U.S. shows most are poor transwomen of color trapped in prostitution or other aspects of the “underground economy:”

    This from a white transwoman on the appropriation of these deaths is excellent:

    I’m also always struck by the people who insist that if feminists would just call transwomen female, male violence against transwoman would end. It’s like they believe that 1) violent men listen to feminists and 2) violent men would not harm anyone they perceive as female (!!!) It’d be instructive to compare the violence against [transwomen of color involved in prostitution] vs [women of color involved in prostitution] vs. [white transwomen not involved in prostitution.] I’m pretty sure the rates for 1 & 2 would be similarly catastrophic, and for 3, yeah, NOT SO MUCH.

  2. Murder rates in the US per 100,000:

    Women – 2.2
    Transgender people – 2.6 (between 0.8 and 3.1 depending on prevalence rate used)
    Trans people of colour – 6.5
    Transwomen of colour – 10
    White trans people – 0.49
    White transwomen – 0.73
    General population – 4.7
    Black people – 18 (4.51 for black women and 32.8 for black men)
    Prostituted people – 45

      1. The sources of the statistics are listed where obvious. I have included ones which aren’t so people can choose to research further or not.

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