This is a hate crime:

I know some mansplainers’ going to come along and tell me I’m over-reacting and I’m too stupid to understand the law on this issue. I’ve been blocking dudes all day who think sharing images of a 17 year old, who is legally too young to consent to an image of her engaged in fellatio, is a ‘slut’ who deserves all the abuse directed at her.

I’m sure they will agree with the Crown Attorney of Ontario that sending death threats to an autistic child is rude but not a hate crime.

Here’s the thing: I don’t actually give a shit what the law actually states in either case. Recording images of other people engaged in sexual acts, even if both are adults, without consent is sexual violence. Telling the family of a child with autism to “move away or euthanise him” is a hate crime. The fact that the law is on the side of violent, abusive arseholes is disgusting.

The law has been created by men to protect male interests. 

We need to rewrite our legal codes to protect victims of crimes and vulnerable people. 

Anyone who sends a letter like the above to a the family of a child with autism deserves to prosecuted to the full extent of the law as a hate crime.

Anything else is simply not good enough.

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