Transgender Politics

This is just a brief archive of some of the most important writing on transgender politics and ideology.*  I highly recommend the first 5 articles listed.

Sex, Gender, and the New Essentialism, by Claire Heuchan at Sister Outrider

Talking about gender by Debbie Cameron and Joan Scanlon for Trouble & Strife – @strifejournal

Who owns gender by Delilah Cameron for @StrifeJournal

A brief history of ‘gender’ by Deborah Cameron @wordspinster

You are killing me: On hate speech and feminist silencing, by Jane Clare Jones  for @strifejournal

Why the transbullies are a threat to us all, by Julie Bindel

Sex, Gender, and Sexuality, 

Lezbehonest About Queer Politics Erasing Lesbian Women, by Claire Heuchan at Sister Outrider

The Problem That Has No Name Because Woman is too Essentialist,  by Claire Heuchan at Sister Outrider

The Vanishing Point: A Reflection Upon Lesbian Erasure, by Claire Heuchan at Sister Outrider

Binary or Spectrum, Gender is a Hierarchy, by Claire Heuchan at Sister Outrider

Womanhood: On Sex, Gender Roles, and Self-Identification, by Claire Heuchan at Sister Outrider

The idea that gender is a spectrum is a new gender prison, By Rebecca Reilly-Cooper  via @aeonmag

Sex and Gender: A Beginner’s Guide, by Rebecca Reilly-Cooper

What is a man, anyway?, by Victoria Smith

“What I believe about sex and gender (and what I don’t)*.” by Kathleen Stock

 A Note on ‘Smashing the Binary‘, by Jane Clare Jones

Gender Recognition Act

Women only spaces and proposed changes to the Equality Act and Gender Recognition Act at Women Analysing Policy on Women  (2016)

Never mind reforming the Gender Recognition Act, there’s no need for Gender Recognition Certificates at all, by Rosa Freedman and Rosemary Auchmuty  via @FeministCurrent

Amnesty International and the Gender Recognition Act consultation  via @K_IngalaSmith

Why self-identification shouldn’t be the only thing that defines our gender, by Rebecca Reilly-Cooper  via @ConversationUK

Has everyone REALLY got it wrong? , by Julian Norman for FiLiA

Some thoughts on reforms to the Gender Recognition Act, by Sarah Ditum

Short speech opposing a motion at the Women’s Equality Party 2018 in favour of simplifying the ‘gender recognition certificate’ process , via @K_IngalaSmith

Why self-identification should not legally make you a woman, by Kathleen Stock

“Academic philosophy and the UK Gender Recognition Act.” by Kathleen Stock

House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee Transgender Inquiry: A critique via Woman Analysing Policy on Women

“Changing the concept of ‘woman’ will cause unintended harms” by Kathleen Stock

Silencing Women:

TRANS/formations  via @beatrixcampbell

Why you can’t rely on the news media to understand… trans issues, by Julie Bindel

The new McCarthyism by Julie Bindel

“When Bindels speak*” by Kathleen Stock

“Who Will Speak For Women?” by Jeni Harvey at @GappyTales

“A Woman’s Place Is On The Frontline” by Jeni Harvey at @GappyTales

“The Rise of the Authoritarian Left” by Jeni Harvey at @GappyTales

Considering the rapid rise of trans ideology in academia, we should follow the money / via @FeministCurrent

If feminist Linda Bellos is seen as a risk, progressive politics has lost its way, by Claire Heuchan

The Social Construction of Gender, by Linda Bellos 

Why the new Trans Politics is not Radical?, by Linda Bellos 

Why are so many LGBT organizations caving to trans activists and losing lesbians?, by Julie Bindel via @FeministCurrent

Angela C. Wild of #GetTheLOut on Pride in London and Lesbian erasure  via @FeministCurrent

Twitter, Trans Rights Totalitarianism, and the Erasure of Sex., by Jane Clare Jones

Male violence & the consequences of transgender ideology

Our fore-sisters built a movement to support women subjected to men’s violence  via @K_IngalaSmith

Penises don’t kill people, people with penises do, by Holly Lawford-Smith & Emily  Vicendese via @FeministCurrent (A response to the minimisation of the sexual harassment allegations concerning NUS officer Jess Bradley.)

‘Punch a TERF’ Rhetoric Encourages Violence Against Women, by Claire Heuchan at Sister Outrider

Trans activism is excusing & advocating violence against women, and it’s time to speak up, by Meghan Murphy  via @FeministCurrent

Karen White, transgender inmate charged with sex offences at Wakefield jail 

India Willoughby’s ‘not all men’ response to feminist activist demonstrates his misogyny  via @FeministCurrent


Transgender Trend

“This site is for everyone who is concerned about the social and medical ‘transition’ of children, the introduction of ‘gender identity’ teaching into schools and new policies and legislation based on subjective ideas of ‘gender’ rather than the biological reality of sex.”

Women’s Place UK

” This is a campaign formed specifically to ensure women’s voices are heard in the debate around proposals to change the Gender Recognition Act (2004).”

Fair Play for Women

“Fair Play For Women is an apolitical group of ordinary people from all walks of life who have come together to fight for womens and girls rights. We are concerned that in the rush to reform transgender laws that women’s voices will not be listened to. Run entirely by a team of volunteers with skills in many different disciplines, we have worked hard over the past year to bring this issue to public attention.”

Women get called transphobic for simply asking questions. Women are afraid to speak out and fear for their jobs and reputation if they do. We are the voice of these women.

Women analysing policy on women

*I have only included articles that are not behind a paywall, although Janice Turner’s writing in The Times is excellent.