Violence against women, domestic violence and the problem of gender identity


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Sisters Uncut are a great example of grassroots feminist activism. Their protest at the premier of the film Suffrage helped raise awareness of the consequences of the decimation of specialist support services for women. However, their campaign is specifically about the importance of specialist domestic violence services, which is why I was disappointed to read a piece in the Independent by a member which uses the term domestic violence and violence against women interchangeably.

* See Michael P Johnson’s Typology of Domestic Violence

** The report into this was recently released and I have not yet had a chance to read it.

2 thoughts on “Violence against women, domestic violence and the problem of gender identity”

  1. My jaw dropped when I saw this: ‘The Office for National Statistics insist the cap is necessary as “otherwise the sheer number of crimes committed by perpetrators against the same individual would skew the rest of the statistics.”’

    So report BOTH numbers separately, making clear what the distinction is. This is not difficult.

    As you say, pretending the facts don’t exist is willful, men-serving ignorance.

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