White Male Commits Sex Crime but We Should Feel Sorry For Him:

A male teacher at a Sidney high school has been arrested for filming up the skirts of several of his female students as well women at the local train station.  

Yet, according to the principal of the high school where Robert Emmett taught, we are supposed to feel compassion for Emmett and his family. Not the women Emmett sexually assaulted by taking sexual photographs without permission but the man who committed the offence. We are supposed to have sympathy for the “emotional devastation” Emmett feels at being arrested for illegally filming at least 3 of his teenage students. 

The only people I have any sympathy for are the women and teenage girls that Emmett sexually assaulted and his children who have to live with the knowledge of their father’s crimes.

Frankly, if a teacher at my children’s school was arrested for such a crime and the principal was wittering on about the “emotional devastation” of the perpetrator, I would be removing them from the school immediately.

A principal who absolves a male member of staff of personal responsibility for sexual violence is not a man who deserves to keep his job, nor is he a man who should be trusted around teenage girls. 

I have to wonder about what the principal believes is acceptable behaviour with female pupils if he is so willing to ignore the safety of his female students.

4 thoughts on “White Male Commits Sex Crime but We Should Feel Sorry For Him:”

  1. I am sick of teachers’ sexual behaviour toward pupils being played down and excused, never mind by their superiors.

    If you can’t control your urges, get out of the profession and check yourself into sex addict rehab.

    1. It is frightening how much abuse of teenage girls [and boys] by teaching staff is ignored and swept under the rug. They should be safe at school. Instead, they are targeted by sexual predators

  2. White male, and “the son of NSW Court of Appeal judge Arthur Emmett and federal magistrate Sylvia Emmett, and the grandson of former chief justice of the NSW Supreme Court Laurence Street.”

    Sad to say, but I’m surprised he’s even been charged.

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