Why don’t we talk about bad fathers?

This is an old post that I meant to expand but didn’t:

 Today, Giles Fraser wrote about the ways in which mothers fuck up their children. Granted, he briefly mentions fathers but, mostly, Fraser blamed women for not being ‘good enough’. At no point does Fraser mention the role of fathers in raising children or ‘fucking them up’. Fraser ignores the reality of male violence against women and children within the home that has a serious detrimental effect on children’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Why are mothers always to blame when it is men who commit the vast majority of violence within the home? Children experience domestic violence at the hands of their fathers both as victims and as witnesses. It is fathers who sexually assault and rape their children. It is mostly fathers who refuse to financially support their children preferring instead to allow them to live in poverty to punish the mother and it is fathers who kill their children to punish the mother. Why do we blame mothers for not being “good enough” when it is fathers who are the mostly like to abuse children – physically, emotionally, and sexually. Why don’t we talk about bad fathers?


One thought on “Why don’t we talk about bad fathers?”

  1. You know why. Blaming women is a grand tradition why would men stop now? The truth most fathers suck and everyone I know has a shitty relationship with their father because of his behaviour or abscence. There has been plenty of jokes about fathers and people being surprised that other people are on good terms with their fathers.

    It’s always women should go above and beyond when men can’t be bothered getting off the couch. The myth of the dad who is getting screwed over by family courts is bullshit. When men ask for custody they get it, it’s just that most don’t ask. Abusive men are more likely to get access to there children because they argue for them incessantly. Women are screwed over by the courts far more than men are. It’s just whenever women get something men want ‘fix’ that.

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