Why I Hate Humanity; Or, Jim Davidson won CBB

Jim Davidson, noted misogynist racist who admits to committing intimate partner violence, has won Celebrity Big Brother. Because, people actually voted for a man who brags about not raping women.

I’m sure tomorrow’s papers will be full of people excusing Davidson’s abusive behaviour and wondering how anyone voted for him. Or, babbling on about the downfall of humanity.

Here’s the thing: if you watched CBB you are complicit in this man winning. It doesn’t matter if you hate Davidson or voted against him, you helped him win by watching the program. Your viewing increased Endemol’s profits. Your viewing is what made them choose such an offensive man to be on the show.

Tomorrow, instead of expressing shock at Davidson winning or expressing faux outrage, make a pledge to stop watching this shit.

Stop watching reality TV.

Stop watching the public humiliation of vulnerable.

Stop pretending you’re better than those who visited Bedlam or circus freak shows.

Reality TV is nothing more than abuse as entertainment.

If you’re angry at Davidson winning, ask why you chose to watch.

Why did you want to watch an abusive man abuse women?

Davidson didn’t win because a gaggle of racist misogynists voted for him. He won because normal people think public humiliation is entertainment.

2 thoughts on “Why I Hate Humanity; Or, Jim Davidson won CBB”

  1. I absolutely HATE reality tv and the celebrity culture we live in now IMO in some ways it is worse for women now than it was many years ago…..lads mags, focus on womens weight and looks etc. We seem to have come forwards in lots of ways but gone backwards in lots of other ways. The celebrity culture has fed into this. I never watch reality shows. I refuse to give them the ratings. IMO it was better years ago when we had only 3 or 4 tv channels but better quality programmes. TV used to entertain and inform. Now its mysogynistic reality/celebrity tosh and propaganda about benefits claimants. This has so depressed me lately that right now if i was offered a “Life on Mars moment i think i might be tempted to take it.

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